5 Vital Health Supplements You Need To Take During Pregnancy

Did you know you lose plenty of nutrients during and after your pregnancy? Your body starts using more nutrients because vitamins and minerals help with maternal health and fetal growth at every stage.

This is especially so for moms carrying twins, or those with dietary restrictions, nutrient deficiencies, and those with poor diets before they became pregnant.

The earlier you start taking the right vitamins and supplements, the more benefits you get and the less likely you’ll have a deficiency. Read on to find out which vitamins and supplements you need to take to have a healthier and stronger baby:

Five Essential Supplements To Support a Healthy and Strong Baby

Your gut health during pregnancy is crucial to your newborn’s digestive tract development. Children’s development of an excellent immune system, metabolism, and physical and mental growth begins from the time they are forming in the womb.

To give your child the best gut health possible, take probiotic supplements during pregnancy. In doing so, you can pass on those healthy bacteria to your little one. A good gut also helps you’re your child absorb essential nutrients better.

DHA & Omega-3
Your baby’s brain starts growing fastest in the last 8 weeks. During this time, the slightest deficiency in nutrition can affect its development.

DHA and Omega-3 help boost brain development and even decrease maternal depression according to studies. In fact, they aid in improving both you and your child’s resistance to cardiovascular diseases too.

While your baby is still developing inside your womb, it is best that you take calcium to help your baby’s bones and teeth become stronger. Calcium also stimulates muscle contraction, which can aid your uterus in preparing for childbirth and prevent early contraction.

Besides helping your baby develop stronger bones and teeth, having enough calcium also helps them develop a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system. Make sure you get enough by taking a vegetarian-friendly prenatal calcium supplement like CATALO’s Vegetarian Calcium Formula.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is essential for improved calcium absorption and helps prevent the risk of caesarean section, preterm birth, and poor muscle growth for you and your baby. Adults, pregnant or not, need at least 10 micrograms of Vitamin D per day. However, it can only be found in a small number of foods like oily fish, eggs, and red meat.

Being pregnant is not easy. Aside from the different changes that are happening to your body, you are also running around going through one pregnancy-related errand after the other. This can make you tired and in more severe cases, cause anaemia. Be sure to get enough iron by eating lean meat, green leafy veggies, and other iron-rich food. With enough iron in your diet, you have enough blood to supply the necessary nutrients and minerals for both you and your child’s development.

Benefits of Pregnancy Supplements

The right vitamins and supplements during pregnancy help you get the maximum nutritional benefit for you and your baby. After all, every mom wants the best for their baby.

Nutritional supplements are geared towards having a smooth pregnancy that supports the nutritional needs of both you and your child. These will help ensure that you receive optimum levels of important nutrition from probiotics to iron.

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