Your Checklist Against Varicose Veins

Have you seen cluster of veins that looks like a spider web mostly in the leg area? That is Varicose.

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that often look like cords and appear twisted. They can be swollen and raised above the surface of the skin. Varicose veins are caused when valves in the veins become incompetent, leading to an increased venous pressure in thigh and calf veins. For most of us, varicose veins are unsightly nuisances. However, on a serious note, they can also make walking and standing really painful, and in some cases, they can cause skin ulcers, and more serious health problems. If you are worried about having one, here are some basic tips on our daily living to prevent having them.

WALK Around

Avoid prolonged standing. Standing for a long time increases venous pressure in the legs down to feet. This pressure weakens the blood vessel walls. If standing for long hours is almost unavoidable, minimize the harm by shifting your position as frequently as possible, you can also walk around at least every 30 minutes.


Sit upright. Good posture improves blood circulation, while crossed legs and awkward postures restrict blood flow to and from the legs increasing the pressure on the veins.

WEIGHT Management

Excess weight due to obesity will put excessive pressure on your legs. Managing weight will reduce the chances of formation of varicose veins. Practice healthy eating habits, avoiding foods with high calorific content and or junk food.


Long walks and jogging improves the circulation in the legs, and proper circulation wards off any development and even worsening of varicose veins. Sedentary living may cause the muscles to weaken thus resulting to poor blood pumping action. It also reduces overall high blood pressure thus improves your circulatory system.


Smoking is a major cause of health problems. The chemical deposit it leaves on the blood stream reduces the oxygen content of the blood, and the nicotine deposits harden and narrow the arteries. These impede and slow down blood circulation putting more pressure and increase the risk of having vascular diseases like Varicose Vein.

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