Aerobics For A Healthier Heart

Aerobic exercises for Your heart and their benefits

The heart is the most important organ in our body. It is prone to many ill conditions and disorders. Taking care of our heart should be one of top priorities. There are many ways to strengthen the heart. For starters, a healthy eating attitude can fortify the heart. But having a healthy diet may not be enough. Like anyone else would say, exercise is a must. There are a lot of exercises that promotes a healthy heart. One of which is Aerobic Exercise.

Aerobic exercises, or sometimes called cardio, are light to moderate intensity exercises performed in long periods of time. It is made up of simple exercises like walking, jogging and cycling. It is very convenient and can be done indoors and outdoors. Some simple exercises like jump rope or running doesn’t require expensive equipment nor it requires going to the gym.

Aerobic exercises are good not only for the heart but for the lungs as well. It strengthens the muscles involve in respiration thus promoting good respiration. Because it also strengthens the heart, it also improves the heart’s pumping efficiency and reducing the resting heart rate. This is called Aerobic conditioning. It also increases the red blood cells in the body fostering a good oxygen flow throughout the body. It promotes good mental health, lowering the risk of depression and other mental problems. It reduces the risk of diabetes and heart-related problems. It also increases one’s endurance, improves the ability of muscles to use fats during exercise and enhances the speed at which muscles recover from high intensity exercise.

Cardio Classes at Fitness Clubs

Cardio classes can be taken by those who don’t know how to start cardio exercises or want to have a regular workout. In cardio classes, members can have proper and consistent cardio exercises. Cardio classes can also be a much more enjoyable activity compared to exercising alone. Because classes are in groups, healthy-minded people can meet and befriend others who have the same fitness goals.

men and women doing aerobics

Fitness clubs offer a huge variety of cardio exercises. This may include fun filled dance classes like basic aerobics and zumba, step aerobics and indoor cycling. In simple aerobics classes, members learn all the aerobic moves from basic twist and turns to harder jumps and choreography.

  • Zumba, a kind of dance aerobics, is also gaining popularity. Zumba dance classes usually last about an hour and commonly taught by instructors. The exercise is incorporated with music with either slow or fast rhythm. Hip-hop, chachacha, salsa and tango are some of the many dance styles used in zumba classes. Zumba dance classes also come in different types for varying ages and intensity. There are zumba classes designed for seniors and another for kids as well.
  • Step aerobics, another popular and effective workout, are also present in cardio classes. Step aerobics uses elevated platforms (“the step”) as a tool for aerobic exercise. The height of “the step” can be adjusted to meet individual needs.
  • Another good aerobic exercise is cycling. Fitness clubs also offer group indoor cycling classes for beginners and experts alike.

Consistency and Moderation

Consistency is required to fully see the health benefits and performance benefits of aerobic exercises. Most authorities suggest that the minimum duration and frequency is at least twenty minutes per day, three times a week. In addition, aerobic exercises are only effective against weight loss if done regularly. It is also not an effective approach in building muscles so a separate routine should be conducted for that purpose. In addition, too much of a good thing is bad. Moderation is important especially for the more intense aerobic exercises. No moderation from high-impact exercises can cause injuries. Remember, exercise is to promote a healthy body not an injured one.

Taking everything into account, aerobic exercises can be your key to having a healthy and strong heart. It is also be good for your mind and body. With proper moderation and consistency, paired with a good eating habit and a good fitness goal, you can have a healthier and longer life.

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